I have been breaking and making up with the same person for over two years… and even though I am fully aware that he is Mr Wrong, I find that I block that little factor out of my mind so there’s more room to free-fall in love  with him again.

Now even though this may be just a little pathetic, I do think that there may be a solution here! I’m just a little unsure when it comes to knowing where to start.

I keep listening to songs that make me cry  and ask myself, “Can we still be friends?” when the entire ordeal is over… And then I hear myself say: “Eish!" and I give up right there because I tell myself it’s too hard.

So I decided to be a less of a pessimist and read Dorothy Black’s How to break up without breaking down and found that it may be easier if I give myself some time to recover after a break up rather than go back for the same punishment over and over.

After that, moving on shouldn’t be too difficult if I pay attention to detail!

The key is to NOT end up flirting with danger but rather learn how to flirt and then just take everything one step at a time, I suppose.

There should never be a millionth break up with the same person. It isn’t only draining, but it affects you psychologically, not just emotionally, it drains your energy and makes you so unhappy.

Breaking the mould is the first step, the next is up to you!

Have you broken out of this cycle? Tell us how you managed…