Ever innocently walked around in the mall and BAM! You walk straight into a couple who are so into each other it’s actually sickening?

Or gone to a restaurant and overheard the couple across from you bickering through the entire meal?

Here is a list of relationship types that sometimes irritate the hell out of us, and a few that also make us totally jealous. 

The PDA couple

You know the ones - with the touching and the groping. They aren’t afraid to show their love for each other, no matter where they are. Always lip locking, exchanging saliva and making everybody else around them feel really awkward! We have a few things to say to you...

The super casual couple

They are the opposite of the PDA couple. They’re so low-key about their relationship, you sometimes forget they’re together.
Point is, they don’t need to show the world they love by dry humping in public and making a Facebook profile together!

The couple who are ALWAYS fighting

They seem to constantly get into trivial arguments, whenever they’re in public, at least. Guys, give it a rest! No one even knows why these two are together. All they do is scream at each other and they love drama.

The ‘I don’t know if they’re together’ couple

You feel awkward because they are always together, and are clearly having sex, but they're not actually ‘together’. They don't call each other boyfriend/girlfriend, they just kinda, have sex and hang out together.

The 'He's just not that into you' couple

Everyone knows that one half of this couple is way more into it than the other. He's head over heels in love with her, and she's not all that bothered. She's in love with him; planning their wedding, and talking about their future kids. Meanwhile, he's flirting with everything that has legs and looking for someone else to hookup with. The ones who are invested are mostly in denial. Fact is...they’re just not that into you!

The 'f*#k you!' couple

They’re always at each other’s throats, and yelling profanities at each other. Full of passion and always end up sneaking to a vacant room. Yep, you guessed it. Seems the only reason they're together is for the make-up sex!

The mismatched couple

You have no idea how, but these two just seem to work so well. Even though they're completely different. She's a bookworm; you're not even sure he can read. She's fiery and passionate; he's calm and a bit socially awkward. She's really, really tall, and he's tiny.

The inspirational couple

The couple that make you believe that healthy, happy relationships do exist. This can be your grandparents or the neighbours across the street. It sounds cheesy but they actually make you believe that true love is not just a fairy tale.

Do you and your partner fall into one of these categories? If you do, tell us which one. You can also add some more by commenting in the box below.

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