I’ve been, for the past two weeks, trying to find excuses to justify browsing through my man’s phone.

Some were reasonable but most unjustified so luckily I always managed to stop myself before I got more than what I bargained for.

We asked some of our readers if they would ever go through their partner’s phone and this is what they had to say:

Nontando: I did only for confirmation and i found out there were four of us and all the messages he wrote he sent me he also sent to them.

Ntombifuthi: I once did. Yoh! and got what I wanted.

Busi: I do. But I found it’s not necessary.

Lisa: It's always better to know who you are with. Men lie, it's what they do. I would rather know the whole truth and decide from there if I would like to stay rather than being sweet talked in to believing some fantasy.

Maryna: I never did but wish I had!

Starrene: I think if you suspect something is up, then do it!!!

Vanessa: Nope! If I did that would show I didn't trust him and without trust in a relationship you have nothing!

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