Getting stuck in argument ruts

The two of you have a disagreement and start debating it. Fair enough. The problem, however, arises when, instead of staying on point and sorting out the issue at hand, it morphs into a huge fight that now includes rants about ‘old’ – usually unresolved – spats of the past.

Insulting each other

And what is even worse? Making these malicious and hurtful comments in the company of others.

Being unforgiving

And not being able to say “I’m sorry…”

Pride and the inability to accept responsibility for our actions often stands in the way of happiness.

Taking each other for granted

•    Do you turn to him for his thoughts and/or advice?
•    Do you consider him when making a decision?
•    Do you thank him when he’s done something good and/or right?
•    Do you thank and compliment him when he means well?
•    Do you listen to him and/or pay attention to his needs?

Read our article on the signs of an unhealthy relationship? Basically, if you don’t acknowledge the fantastic things your partner does for you, then he’s probably feeling unappreciated. And just as constant criticism can cripple a relationship, expressing approval can keep it healthy.

Lack of physical intimacy

It could be as ‘small’ as forgoing a habitual morning kiss; or as ‘big’ as not bothering with sex as often.

Just because you’re feeling more settled in your relationship lately, doesn’t make these gestures any less important. It is, in fact, even more important now – that is, if you still want to keep the flame and romance alive.

Have we missed any other bad habits? Enlighten us and add to this list in the comments facility below.

Your relationship is over when...