So you know his favourite turnons, how to instantly arouse him and the secrets to mindblowing, sensational sex. Superb!

But, while it’s great to know (and act on) his desires in the bedroom, I think it’s equally important to be aware of the things that are likely to send any man running for the hills, too.

Along with our list of sex mistakes to avoid, bear in mind the following booty blunders: 

“How many times do I have to remind you about the trash?”, “When are you going to clean the garage?”, “Why haven’t you cut the lawn yet?” Blah, blah, blah.

*Gosh, I’m irritated just reading all that nagging!
Ask a man what the most annoying trait a female can have and 9 out of 10 times, he will say “moaning” or “whining” or “bickering”. Let it up, sweetie. Or I’m certain that he will.

It’s one thing being shy and inhibited now and again. But what really kills his mood and longing for you is when you are so unconfident that you nitpick and put yourself down (often, at the most inconvenient of times - like in the middle of foreplay) by analysing and finding fault with your body. Chill out – it really does get boring!

Occasional spells of jealousy are normal, flattering and even healthy in relationships. But there’s a fine line, you see, and once you’ve crossed it with irrational neuroticism, where you watch his E.V.E.R.Y move and question his E.V.E.R.Y action, then you’re basically exposing just how insecure you really are. And like I said before, no one takes pleasure in it. Least of all him! 

This is one of the silliest mistakes women make while in a relationship. By all means be there for him, compliment him and spend a lot of time with him. But please, have your own life outside of his and DO NOT become an emotional leech. It’s awful.

This includes everything from your anger issues (which spills over into your relationship and without a doubt, to him too) and tendency to verbally abuse (worse, when you do it in front of others); to seeking revenge and even lashing out with that sarcastic tongue of yours. If you wish to destroy what the two of you have, keep these up.

The worst turnoffs for me are... Add your two cents below.