My wife and I want to try this as to spice up our sex lives. I would love to know the pros and cons of swinging and would it make our relationship stronger in the long term?
- Anonymous


Swinging also known as Alternative Lifestyle is tricky: when it works for a couple it really enhances their own intimate relationship. But when it goes badly then it can ruin even a perfectly good relationship.

The difficulty is that one never knows how it will affect each of you as individuals and what it will do to the couple dynamic.The intention of Swinging is great: a couple enters an adult consensual erotic space, decide what they going to do- from soft to hard core swinging - and the experience heightens their eroticism which in turn arouses the couple's intimate relationship.

But human nature can intrude: suddenly you see a penis larger than yours, you see your wife gasping with pleasure, exploding with orgasms and you feel affronted, jealous. No longer are you excited.

You can see where this can lead to right? You know I can tell you, as I do my own clients, read about it, watch some swinging DVD’s , fantasise together in your own lovemaking , meet a few couples, start soft, respect each other , have safe words, don't cross your own boundaries.

I can tell you this. You can follow the advice but it still will be a big unknown.

My final comment:
If you go this route, use condoms fastidiously and don’t cheat on each other.
- Dr Eve

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