Yeah. It’s the unsexiest word in the world, isn’t it? So is tribadism. Who comes up with these terms? Anyhoo… moving swiftly on.

How to do it:
It’s a basically dry-humping (I know, yet another unsexy word) only it’s not so dry if you do it right.

You rub your vulva against a preferred body part of your girlfriend or wife. Wrists, knees, thighs, hipbones, ankles… anything goes. The award goes to vulva on vulva action, of course. Just remember when you rub your ladybits together you are at risk of contracting STIs.

The pros:
It’s all about the clitoral stimulation so your orgasm is bound to be explosive.
It’s non-penetrative, and therefore not so intimidating.
You can do it any time of the month.
It’s intimate and allows for a lot of kissing, stroking etc.

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