5 tips for her, from him…

•    Always give a man a chance to speak. You'll be amazed what they come up with when you give them the opportunity to say something.

•    Listen carefully to what he says, and don't make any hasty assumptions.

•    Just because he's a man, doesn't mean he's emotionally tough. Men have feelings too, and they should be taken into account.

•    Allow him some time and space every day, just to be on his own or to do his own 'stuff'.

•    Love him for who he is, not for what you think he should be.

5 tips for him, from her…

•    Listen. One of the main reasons why women are unfaithful in long-term relationships is because they feel as though their partners never listen to them.

•    When we tell you about a problem, we need your attention more than your advice or judgment.

•    No woman is immune to romance. We don't need big romantic gestures. A kiss, a hug or a flower will do.

•    Tell us what you're feeling. We'll be less prone to jump to conclusions if we know the truth.

•    Just because you told us that you loved us 20 years ago doesn't mean you can't remind us.

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