The fight about money

Who earns the most and who spends the most. It’s a minefield.

The fight about sex

Who wants it too often, who never gives it.

The body-issues fight

One moment you’re going out for drinks with your friends and the next you’re crying in the bathroom because he makes you feel fat.

The parenting fight

Because you were both raised differently, you’ll probably have different ideas about parenting.

The in-laws fight

You can say nasty things about your family. He shouldn’t. And vice versa, of course.

The housekeeping fight

It’s supposed to be a give and take but somehow, someone often does the lion’s share.

The petty fight

You’re in a bad mood and the toothpaste/ toilet seat/ whose side of the bed fight ensues.

The truth fight

This one happens when one of you has lied. This fight happens after the discovery of something awful. Like an affair.

The ideology fight

One of you decides to change religions. Or starts/stops eating meat.

The dealbreaker fight

If he hits you. Or you hit him. If this happens you need to get out of the relationship.