No one wants to be the crazy, jealous, accusing partner, but sometimes it's not just paranoia. Have you noticed any of the following?

Cellphone secrets
Cell on silent all the time, left in the car overnight or calls being taken out of earshot. Most eerie? Showering with phone in a Ziplock bag or a second inexplicable cellphone bill.

Suspicious behaviour
Odd hours and chronic lateness, accompanied by many explanatory smses/phone calls.
Worries about looks
An increased interest in appearance, from buying new clothes or beauty products to a vicious new gym routine.

Unexplained bills
New line items on his/her credit card slips.

Car mileage jumps...
...when your spouse claims to simply be going back and forth from the office.

Change of routines

Obsessive showering; especially before even greeting you properly.

New moves...

... particularly in bed that are suspiciously good. 

Passing the buck
Accusing others of being horrendous evil-willed gossips so as to dispel suspicion.

Losing a wedding ring, or simply not wearing one.

Erratic affection
From extreme pickiness to suffocating clinginess.

Have we left anything out? Tell us in the comment box below.