We already know that when it comes to long term relationships and being happy, love is important.

– as many will agree – plays a vital role too.  More so if you’re married or living together. It pays the bills and buys the things we need and even the things we just want.

But, how essential is having a liquid cash flow? Would you be able to be with someone who doesn’t come with a wad of notes? If love was all your partner could bring to the table, would you still be satisfied?

Do women really favour financial security over unconditional love?
Blogger Manni Bradshaw seems to think so.

Our Facebook fans weigh in on the debate. You can too in the box below.

Kelley Brown: I wouldn't say so for this generation, as women are going more after their dreams than love, if it doesn't come along, then it’s tough luck.

Tina Rammala Mophuthing: Sometimes going for love only can be a bit dangerous. Talking from experience!

Sello Semono: After I said to her that "she demand more than she worth" she distanced herself.

Elsa Labuschagne de Witt: No. You can borrow money – it’s cheaper from the bank.

Starr 'Stormy' Stuart: Financial security we can do it by ourselves...as for love, what is it really T&C Applies??!!!!

Mazibuko Ncedile: I for one I want love.

Carin Jansen: I’d rather be with someone who loves me, financial security a bonus. But, if there is any financial stress there is in any case no penis and without that there's no love. By that I say, he must be financially strong, love me, love sex and the rest is then a bonus.

Prudence Haai: I fell for love as I think financial security should be covered from both a man and a woman. Depend on yourself - not someone's money - even though it helps to have both. But I think love tops it all.

Alecia Braxton-Hamilton:
Money and love...both can be so fickle. A good thing to remember is that money will never buy you happiness and being in a relationship purely for financial security is soul-crushing.

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