Couples separate and divorce for a number of reasons - the most common, I imagine, being cheating.

I always look back to my early dating days, when I used to tell myself that never would I settle for an unfaithful man. That belief hasn’t changed, but I must confess that there has been a time (I was smitten at the time) when I chose to overlook my then boyfriend’s for indiscretions.

Cheating is something that we can’t predict in a relationship – especially when you trust the person and fully let them in. Sure, we can perhaps foresee a clash of personalities and character, but when it comes to love, you would hardly ever expect your partner to betray you in the worst possible way.

Reactions to cheating are different for everyone and whether or not you forgive the person is a personal matter. We asked our readers just how merciful they would be if theirs cheated.

Do they believe in second chances? Here’s what some had to say:

Charmaine: Until it has happened to you, you don’t know how you will react. Your circumstances will also affect how you respond i.e. whether or not you are married, whether you have children together and so on.  I don't think it is a simple answer for everybody.

Delene: I know two people whose spouses cheated. They both decided to give them a second chance.This happened years ago and neither have regretted their decisions. I guess one won’t really know how to react until it happens.

Clarissa: Pride says “No”...  Love says “You may be forgiven.”

Sharon: Nope, I'll leave because I might be missing out on a good partner elsewhere.

Bongiwe: Been there! My husband of 14 years had an affair that pushed me into trying to kill myself. I didn't think about my 3 small kids. I'm still with him, not sure why, but I don't trust nor do I believe him anymore. I think I don't yet have the guts to leave and I worry about my kids growing up without a dad. It hurts but it’s not as easy to leave as people seem  to think, especially when there are kids involved.

Charlene:  No ways. How can you trust someone again?

Yolande: Cheating is a deal-breaker. Period.

Do you think  you'd forgive a cheating partner? Give us your take on the subject in the comment box below.