Yes, I'm currently a side chick! I never thought in a million years I would love somebody else but my relationship with my baby daddy led me to it. I’ve dated my baby daddy for almost five years, but through the years I was the only one working. Last year I met a married man and he made me see love in a different way. He never made me feel like I'm the side chick. He takes me out on dates, buys me lunch at work, calls me every time to check on me, sends sweet texts and he always asks how my son is doing.

I think my baby daddy’s lack of interest is responsible for me finding love outside our relationship, because since I’ve started dating this married man I’ve realised my baby daddy is taking me for a ride. I do everything for him: I take care of him, I buy him clothes, take him on holidays, etc. but he never has time for me. He always has time for his friends though. When I visit his home we only spend time together when he wants sex. He isn’t serious about improving his situation so I decided to become a side chick. Being a side chick works for me because my married partner spends more time with me than his wife. Sometimes I feel bad, but if that's where the love is then why not?

It's been almost a year since my married bae and I have been together. But sometimes it gets lonely because I’ll need him but he has to be with the family. I'm at a point where I don't want to get married because I'm enjoying my love life the way it is, or maybe I'm scared I'll find someone who treats me badly. I say side chicks are happier with married men.