...romance novels and/or other erotica. Book junkies may not readily admit it, but there’s something incredibly, uhm, titillating about a love story with lots of drawn-out, explicit sex scenes that shine a spotlight on the female characters. Plus, studies have shown that while men are turned on by what they see, women are aroused by what they imagine.

Need a push in the right literary direction? These are our favourites.

Up your pulse

No, I don’t mean you have to jump in the sack – just yet. Engaging in exercise (or any form of activity that you enjoy) releases endorphins (not amphetamines... OOPS!) which aid arousal.

Looking for ideas? Try these FUN workouts.

DIY diversion

Forget wanting to satisfy him for just a self-pleasing moment. Before any of the great sex happens, focus on stimulating yourself first. And what better way than through a little bit of self-servicing... while he watches?

Not sure how? Here are the basics:

•    Wet your fingers with a bit of lube.
•    Stroke your vaginal lips in a rhythm that is comfortable and that gets your heart racing.
•    Move towards your clitoris and gently ‘play’ on and around the spot until you orgasm.

Try something new

It’s easy to get stuck in a sex rut. Long-term relationships often suffer because of these issues, but boredom can ALSO be a reason why. Shake-up your sex life by getting intimate anywhere other than in the bedroom.

That not an option? Add some spice with a little more variety

These aren’t the only ways to get turned on. Pop your techniques in the box below.

My sex life is...