Love it or hate it, Fifty Shades of Grey was a global bestseller and introduced a range of toys into bedrooms most would never have considered before (whips and butt plugs anyone?). When UK sex-toy manufacturers LoveHoney teamed up with EL James, the ‘Pleasure Intensified’ range was result.

In the range

Every toy used in the book – barring the beds and the roof restraints – forms part of this range, so expect everything from feather ticklers to cuffs and nipple clamps. I took a look at the anal beads and the G-spot stimulator.

Novelty versus quality

It might be easy to brush off the Fifty Shades range as a cheap shot at making a quick buck. And in this case I honestly expected subpar materials and slap-dash design. But LoveHoney isn’t shit and the toys are well designed. While I detected a slight scent to the material (your sex toy goodies should be 100% odourless) the box assures me that it’s made from body-safe silicon and is free from pthalates and latex.

Beginner friendly

I imagine the creators of the range pictured little Anastasias dotted around the world curious and horny but hesitant to try sex play toys due to general shyness or ignorance or both. So while the toys themselves are proper, they’re not intimidating at all.

For example, the ‘Pleasure Intensified’ anal beads – these have to be the most unassuming and gentle in the world … like they’ve been made for a Disney princesses’ very delicate bottom. The floggers and blindfolds steer clear of cheesy candyfloss pinks but don’t venture into hardcore, keeping everything satiny white and soft.

Insatiable Desire – The Mini G-spot Vibrator, perfect for beginners

I was pleasantly surprised with this little honey! A perfect handful, this small G-spot vibe sports a well-angled, lightly bulged tip to easily press against your happy spot without any effort. I found that it was easy (and a little necessary) to give my clit some hands-on service while using the vibe without it getting in the way or being any less easy to control.

If you’re new to penetrative toys and G-spot stimulators, you’ll love how unscary this toy is. It’s a slimline vibe, meaning the shaft isn’t too big. What’s more it acts as a perfectly good external and clitoral vibe, so you can ease into the penetration bit when you’re ready.

The controls are easy-as-pie and you can click through 10 different vibe intensities and patterns. The vibration itself is quiet, but it’s a little tinny. So while you’re likely to find an intensity that works for you, if you’re into more rumbly, deep vibes this might not do it for you. That being said, it did it for me. So. And if you’re a newbie, you might want to start gentle anyway.

To wrap it up

Your Fifty Shades toys come well presented with a little explanatory booklet and even a helpful quote of the naughty scene in which your toy finds its spotlight. I reckon it’s a good place for beginners to the scene to start experimenting with play things, but over and above that I reckon their handy little Insatiable Desire acts as a great intro toy.
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