Do not underestimate the power of a pair of lips wrapped around your man's private bits to keep him in line and constantly willing to take on any household tasks.

In fact it is such a powerful weapon, you think we should have been born with the know-how, like a sixth sense for the blow job. Sadly it seems this is not the case; from my extensive research it seems a lot of you out there are not only;
a) not giving head but
b) when you decide to gamely give it a go, you are letting the side down.

Many a time a man has fallen in love with me based purely on my ability to make him feel like a hero, apparently according to me I not only love paying lip service to his ENORMOUS willy (yes, the lie handed down from generation to generation of women) but in fact giving him a blow job is the highlight of my day...

So this advice is free, take it and unlock the key to your powerful destiny!

How to give head to get ahead: 10 fantastic blow job tips to keep your man happy

1. Pretend you love it, for us dirty girls, we actually do! (This means no gagging/grimaces ladies!)
2. Make sure you are not drunk and not hung over as does not bode well for dry mouth.
3. Moan a lot, does wonders, not sure why, good vibrations I think.
4. Use your tongue creatively, you are not required to suck at all times.
5. Deep throating is why Jenna Jameson is paid the big bucks, so do not go this route unless you have supreme confidence in the ability of your esophagus.
6. The most sensitive bit is round the top so us this to your advantage to make sure lock jaw does not set in.
7. Apparently the balls are part of the package so hold them or something (do not suggest sucking!)
8. If possible make sure he is still focused enough to realise you are in the room and is therefore also paying you some well deserved attention.
9. Now a lot of people swallow, personally I think that is wholly unnecessary. He knows making this request is pushing the envelope.
10. If you get bored just shag him, it works just as well.

Then put your feet up and watch while your grinning, whistling man does the dishes and takes out the garbage.

Got any tips of your own to share? Tell us in the comment box below.