As a woman, I know that accepting our flaws and being confident is often easier said than done. For this reason, I generally support the quips and tips - particularly those which inspire, motivate and encourage us to love and accept our bodies, no matter its shape, structure or size.

So, investing in kinky lingerie? Tick. Pampering myself with a full-body massage? Tick. Reminding myself of the good in my life? Tick.

Basically, if there is a method or a means to improve my self-worth and make me feel sexier, then you’ve got my attention. 

But, there are limits to this, I believe. And enhancing one’s vagina with feathers and fox fur is taking it too far.

Whack trend

Thought penis jewels were bad? Well, you obviously haven’t heard about Real Housewives of New York star Cindy Barshop’s latest line of ‘luxury’ vagina merkins made from real fox fur.

Forget that it’s hideous and inhumane – what I want to know is firstly, how is it sexy? And secondly, why would anyone pay (over R1000!) to wax the hair off their vajay for an animal toupee instead?

I don’t see the logic. I don’t get the sexiness factor. And I don’t know how it became an actual trend. Do you?

Feathers and fur on my fanny is...