Hang up your hang-ups
Sex is not dirty and it’s not evil. (Well, unless that turns you on.) The ability to enjoy sex is one of nature’s greatest gifts and you should appreciate it. If you have sexual issues, have them sorted out by a professional. By a professional I mean a psychologist, not a prostitute.

It’s supposed to be fun!
Don’t see sex as a duty or a chore. If it feels like a duty or a chore then you’re doing it wrong and you and your partner must sort it out. I’ll say this again: if you find sex unfulfilling you have to FIX IT. Sadly there is no easy fix, but trust me, neglecting your sex life is tragic. Really, you don’t know what you’re missing.  

Explore and educate yourself
•    If you’re uncertain or shy about sex, positions, erotica, fetishes, etc, do some research! Remember, unlike the research you did for you never completed Masters degree, this type is fun! Especially if you make it practical research.
•    Go on, teach yourself all sorts of techniques and tricks and become a veritable sex goddess. You know you want to, and besides, it will do wonders for your day to day confidence knowing that you rock in the sack.

Learn what turns you on
•    Fantasise, read, watch movies etc.
•    Learn how to turn yourself on.
•    Learn how to make yourself come. (Because honestly, if you don’t know, how the hell must he?)

And teach him how to take you to your happy place
•    Give each other visual and aural queues. Moan, wriggle, sigh, pant. Hell, you can even use actual words if he doesn’t understand your more subtle hints.
•    But remember, egos get hurt easily, so positive reinforcement is the way to go. Rather praise than criticize – if he feels like a good lover he’ll try to live up to the reputation.

Show him you’re hot for him
•    There’s nothing men find sexier than feeling desired.
•    Flirt with him, seduce him, drive him crazy dammit! – you are woman, now PURR.
•    There are few things in life more fabulous than watching a man’s eyes go dark with lust for you.
•    Use what your mama gave you, and worship his body. Learn to really enjoy giving head – luxuriate in the taste and smell and sounds of pleasure he makes (and the dark lusty eyes again.)

Make your vagina awesome
•    I’m not talking vajazzled here. Just make sure all is clean and that there’s just the natural aroma of fresh woman. Personally I’m not a fan of deodorants and wipes and stuff – who wants to eat a bar of soap – and as a friend of mine always says: “you just need a little warm water and some elbow grease.”
•    Do your Kegel exercises to make sex even more pleasurable for both of you. The sounds of pleasure he makes when you squeeze him when he’s inside you, will make those reps worth it.

Tell us what your tips for having good sex in the comment box below.