In our modern metrosexual society, some form of manscaping or body hair sculpting is de rigueur amongst almost all 18 to 40 year old heterosexual males.

That being said, there are still many guys within this age bracket, and beyond, who would appreciate a little guidance and encouragement from their ladies when it comes to how best to maintain their facial and body hair and especially that which grows between their belly button and upper thighs.

It’s definitely not a matter of one size fits all and tastes differ vastly from women to woman. So if you have an opinion, make your preferences known.

There are those amongst us who believe that men being hirsute is what sets them apart from women and they are hugely turned on by the testosterone that emanates so powerfully from a full bush and hairy pits. So if you love cuddling up to your man’s bear back or furry chest, we say by all means do a Goldilocks and snuggle in. 

At the other end of the spectrum one finds women who would far rather that their partners are clean shaven from jaw bone to big toe, with ears, nose and eyebrows regularly attended to, to boot. Clean shaving can have the adverse effect of causing a man to be quite itchy after a day or so and his partner could land up with beard burn from an entirely different 5 o’ clock shadow.

This might be especially relevant if a lady chooses to show her appreciation for her man’s cleaner and more desirable look with a little oral sex. If you are into this form of remuneration and love it when he does the same for you, then invest in certified organic Intimate Organics Toasted Macadamia or Pralines and Cream lubricant. This very pleasant enhancement makes smooth even smoother and its nutty flavour has the added bonus of tasting really good.

Truth is most of us subscribe to some form of general upkeep for both sexes and believe that before being intimate, all lovers owe it to each other to be clean and groomed and that less rather than more hair in certain areas is likely to heighten sexual experience by creating smoother contact. However, experts advise never to consider laser on the more sensitive masculine regions. It is far safer for a man to keep the lawn and bush around his trunk just neatly trimmed.

If you also happen not to enjoy the fact that your man has to shave a runway on the back of his neck to separate his head from his shoulders or that his chest hairs creep up and tickle his chin, it’s time to suggest that he goes in for a wax or considers laser treatment.

Of course, if there are just a couple of stray hairs sticking out randomly and he isn’t seriously shedding on the bedclothes, you could always grab a pair of tweezers and yank those errant hairs out for him but laser is a good option to consider for the butt area, especially if as a couple you are into anilingus.

Whatever solution the two of you settle on, all that pain definitely deserves some gain and we suggest that, once the sting has worn off and his skin is back to normal, you start with a soothing body massage using something like organic, naturally derived Sensual Cocoa Bean & Goji Berry aromatherapy massage oil.

Really get down and dirty to encourage him to keep up this new found maintenance regime. While you’re at it, as we ladies already know, nothing shows off good grooming better than the right accessories, so once your man has clipping himself to your liking below the belt, do as Beyoncé says and “put a ring on it”. Slip the Mio Penis Ring or the Oden 2 Cock Ring onto him and you will both share in the very desirable effect.

If for some reason he is still not convinced that his attractiveness has been hugely enhanced by his lower body grooming routine, point out the positive visual impact that this trimming has had on his appearance.

Tell him how much sexier the subtle line on his stomach is and that being well trimmed makes him appear even better endowed. This is sure to do the trick.

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