There are more things in heaven and earth Fellatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy…

No seriously, there's more to a blowjob than sucking. You shouldn't suck. It shouldn't suck. And most importantly, it shouldn't suck for you to give it.

Oral sex should either be an art or a pleasure but never a chore. This week we'll share a few tried and trusted tricks of the trade. But keep in mind, all men (and their penises) are different, so if you're unsure, it's always best to ask. And remember – no amount of clever gimmicks can replace sheer enthusiasm!

Getting started:
Use your fingertips all over his body as you undress him. When he's naked, follow your fingertips lightly with your mouth. Breathe on his penis. Make eye-contact every now and again. Compliment his smell and taste. Building up the tension now will shave minutes off later.

Hotting it up:
Even if he's not fully erect yet you can start by kissing and licking all over his penis. Either keep your tongue flat and soft like your licking an ice cream or make your tongue pointy and lick in little squiggles. Keep your tongue in constant motion and switch techniques. Massage and kiss/ lick/ suck his balls. But, and I cannot stress this enough, be tender!

Take the head into your mouth, swirl your tongue around the rim, press into the frenelum and enjoy.

Going down:
There are two different ways to do this: either go down dramatically in one fell swoop or tease him by going down a little bit further with every downward stroke of your mouth. Hold one or two hands at the base of his penis to anchor him and to assist you with the up and down. Follow your mouth with your hands/ hands with your mouth. Keep your lips soft as if you're saying "prune" (a la Marilyn Monroe) to avoid scraping him with your teeth. If you think he's up for little teeth scraping or nibble, ask him. It's not very likely, but hey, you never know.

Get into a rhythm. Breathe through your nose. Loosen the pressure slightly as you exhale and go down and increase it when going up and inhaling. The suction action isn't nearly as important as the up-and-down action.

Once your in a comfortable rhythm, add your tongue into the mix. Roll it around the penis, stimulating the shaft (especially the underside) and head as you go up and down. Just don't pull hard in any direction.

Making the most of your mouth
It's really okay if you haven't mastered the art (or gimmick) of deep-throating. Most women haven't. Instead, as mentioned above, use your hands to create a longer sheath.

Tips and tricks
• Use your hand in a twisting motion around the head, (lightly!) as if you’re unscrewing something.
• Never stop moving your tongue. Flick, lick, circle, caress.
• Never break contact with the penis.

  • Feel free to hum and moan.

    Happy ending
    As he nears climax he'll probably want/need a firmer grip, more suction and a little more speed. Don't break your rhythm now and don't change anything when you realise he's on his way. (Seriously, whatever you do, don't stop now!)

    You decide whether you want to swallow, spit or finish with a little handwork.

    Seems like quite a mouthful? Relax. You're not a pornstar. And it's not like you're not getting marks for it. Just enjoy it. And remember, if you're unsure – use your mouth and ask!

    Do you think you give a good blowjob? Any tips to share with our readers?