Kneel with your back to your man, then bend forward and rest your hands and elbows on the floor. It helps to clasp your hands together for balance. He then gently lifts and holds your legs while he enters you from the rear.

Why it feels good for you:
Penetration is deep and satisfying. It's also great fun.

Why it feels good for him:
Performed on the floor, this position allows the couple to move around a lot, hence its name.

How to vary it:
From a standing sex position with him entering you from the rear, bend forward far enough to get into the wheelbarrow position. While he's crouching behind you, wrap your legs around his back and allow his thighs to support your lower body. From here his hands can reach under your belly and caress your breasts.

This position calls for a fair amount of physical flexibility.

If you aren't that athletic, it's much less tiring for both of you, so try it with the woman using a chair or bed to support the upper part of her body.

Is the wheelbarrow for you? Or do you think it requires a little too much physical flexibily? Tell us what you think in the comment box below.