So if slow and languid is what you're after, you'll have to find it elsewhere.

Still with us? We thought so.

In these positions, he'll be aroused by feeling your crotch and bum against his thighs, while you’ll like the intense depth of penetration.

These positions can be done with you either: standing up bent over at the waist; flat on your stomach, which allows for a tight entry; or lying on your side with him behind you.

Animal magnetism
Difficulty factor***
Erotic factor*****

Crouch on all fours while he enters you from behind. Putting some pillows under your chest helps to prop you up, and makes it easier for him to kiss your back.

Warm reception
Difficulty factor***
Erotic factor****

The female orgasm is mostly about clitoral stimulation, and his hands offer the best way to provide that.

With him sitting on a sofa or propped up on the bed, go over and sit on his lap, with your back against his chest. Let him put his hands in front of you as though he's typing, bringing one hand on top of the other.

He should then interlace his fingers and put them between your legs, using the middle and ring fingers of one hand to gently spread your labia apart, while using one or two fingers of the other hand to make slow circles around your clitoris.

If need be, offer him some guidance.

This will give you a nice 'big' feeling that you'll never get when using just a single finger.

Too risque? Any variations in mind? Share your favourite position below.