Try as he may – and we know how hard he tries – he's never going to hit ALL the right spots exactly the way you want him to.

So climb on top of him and take full control. In woman-on-top positions, you usually straddle him with the bulk of your weight distributed evenly between both knees.

If you face away from him, the G-spot area of your front vaginal wall is stimulated – and if he loves your bum, he can stroke it.

This position does require a lot more work on your part, and it helps if you have quads like a professional water-skier, but most women are excited by the fact that it allows them to control movement and the depth of penetration.

If you feel self-conscious in this position – having all your bits exposed and in full view – then keep your top on.

Deluxe Topping
Difficulty factor**
Erotic factor**

This may be the only time you'll get away with lying down on the job – directly on top of him.

Use his feet to brace yourself for close clitoral and pelvic rocking, and because your legs are on the inside you can create more pressure on your vulval and clitoral areas by squeezing your legs.

To increase the odds of coming, let him stimulate your clitoris to the point where you're about to orgasm, then get into this position. If he thrusts there's a good chance you'll be able to reach orgasm with him inside you.

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