Sitting or kneeling positions are simply a variation on the side-by-side and facing positions.

Many couples enjoy sitting or kneeling because the configurations feel novel and give them a break from their routine.

Even though some of these positions involve a reduced range of movement, their advantage is that they generally allow for great face-to-face and body contact. At least we hope you see that as an advantage. Here are three variations for you to try:

Bum deal
Difficulty factor**
Erotic factor****

One variation on this position is for you to straddle him, facing away. You can stroke the inside of his legs and testicles with your hands or, if you're incredibly dextrous, your lips.

Be creative. Move in circles, increasing stimulation for yourself without driving him over the edge. You'll approach orgasm more quickly, while he'll be able to catch your breath.

Caution: his erection may not flex this way – often not good for younger, tight-to-the-tummy guys.

Chair treatment
Difficulty factor**
Erotic factor****

This position gives a whole new use to the dining room chairs. Kneel on the chair, holding on to the back while your partner thrusts you from behind. Make sure you have a good grip or he could thrust you right off.

This position allows you the greatest range of hip motion while he remains still.

Hot seat
Difficulty factor**
Erotic factor***

Keep the chair out for this one. Let him sit on the chair while you straddle him, keeping your feet on the floor.

You can control the speed and depth of penetration And the bonus? Your breasts are at the perfect position for him to lick and suck. Sitting on a chair is particularly good for quickies or if you're pregnant.

Are you a rider, or do you prefer traditional positions like missionary? Share your views in the comment box below