Because I am a good person I’ve decided to compile an article that includes everything you need to know about sex. If you’re practicing safe, consensual sex between two adults, that is. (Sadly?) though the content is mostly heterosexual one-on-one stuff.

I am a married woman, after all.

First, things first, if you're still a virgin, check out this article on losing your virginity. Remember, the when, the who and the why are things only you should decide on.  

If you're tired of the missionary (it's a good position, but hey, enough is as good as a feast) why don't you check out our tried and tested list of top 10 sex positions. Most of them are great for results, but we admit, one or two are just for showing off. 

If you struggle to reach orgasm during penetrative sex - you and around 70% of all women by the way - try the Coital Alignment Technique for clitoral stimulation during penetration.

Non-penetrative sex

Remember my lovelies, there's more than one way to skin a cat. So you don't have to limit yourself to penetration only. Oral sex rocks. Learn to give the perfect blowjob or if you're not that way inclined, master the art of cunnilingus. And try the best blowjob positions. Just remember, STDs can be transmitted via oral sex too.

Get your kink on?

Sometimes it doesn't matter however which way you twist yourself, nothing happens. Maybe you need a little extra ooh-la-la to tickle your... er... fancy? Why don't you try a little fantasy and role play?

Hmm, not? Fine, I understand if you think you'd feel too silly. What about heating things up a little with some spanking then? And when I say "things" I did mean "your bottom".

Sex toys

People have been using sex toys since the dawn of time. Wax candles, wooden dildos – am I the only one who can’t stop thinking about splinters? – and various other phallic shaped other objects no doubt.
These days it’s much easier to get your hands on some good vibes. Not the sex toy type of girl? You wouldn’t have guessed it, but it’s good for your health! Still not convinced? Read what our sex expert, Dr Eve has to say about them.

Funny sex

Feeling a little intimidated by now. Don't. The biggest mistake people make is to assume sex must be serious. Sex should be messy and sweaty and fun. But practical too. Some positions are just silly. Check out these tips for normal people. Of course, fun can also be bitchy. Check out what these women say during sex (what they don’t really mean.)

Sex books

But what about the sex books? Do people actually use manuals? If you’re going to, stick with the classics man. Of course there’s another type of sex book. Uh huh. I’m talking about porn. Check out the history of porn... it’s interesting stuff.

Of course, it can become a problem when people develop addictions. Read what our other sex expert, Marina Green has to say on the subject of porn addiction. But if you like a little erotic fiction of an evening, check out these books.

Intelligent thoughts

Our Sex Columnist, Dorothy Black is frank, funny and quite, erm, experienced. So if you want to be enlightened and entertained, read what she has to say on penis sizesame-sex affairs, multi-racial sex, S&M, fantasising, masturbation and more.

Phew. Now go forth and fornicate. Be safe, be respectful and don't go messing with other people's hearts.

What do you still want to know about sex? Speak now or forever hold your peace.