First impressions
Although it might not look like a penis per se, it is large and play-dough purple and comes in a bright yellow and purple box that screams ‘PENETRATIVE SEX TOY!!’.

From the HUGE image of the vibe with three curious yellow pulsars and big arrows to the image of a blonde pouting porn princess and words like ‘Smile Supervibrator’ and a bold mission statement:
‘Experience love, lust and passion. Without a care!’, it is clear that modest prudence was not a marketing imperative. To be honest, at first sight I wasn’t holding much hope. But then I held it in my hands.

5 - BOOM!
4 - Indecently delicious
3 - It's getting hot in here
2 - Something to play with
1 - I'd rather use a toothbrush thanks

What it is
A straightforward peen-like penetrative toy, with a length of 23 cm, and a girth ranging from 3.5 to 4.5 cm, the Gipsy is not a vibe for the shy flower. Although it can be used for solo or partner play, I’d venture that if you’re concerned about sensitive man egos, it’s not the least intimidating toy in the party box. It’s been billed as a g-spot stimulator, but at first glance it doesn’t really look like one – the curve is very gentle and it’s totally smooth. This baby’s happy all happens in its powerful vibrations.

How it works
That’s what really got me excited when I first held the Gipsy. It’s vibe action is quite special. Three motors along the length of its shaft and can vibrate and pulse separately and together (which is what those three yellow Star Trek pulsar images are meant to indicate). For the rest of it, it’s all pump action.

What it does
The three separate motors deliver 8 different functions which I really need to explain so that you get the idea of how awesome this little purple people pleaser is:

1. All three motors at once
2. All at once stronger – but this will start oscillating the more you pump ... so, think normal vibe for your clit, but the minute you start thrusting it, it’s like it plays with (my fave setting so far)
3. Bottom, middle, top (repeat)
4. All pulse together slowly
5. Bottom bottom bottom bottom, middle middle middle middle middle, top top top top (repeat)
6. Random pattern
7. All pulse together slowly
8. All motors together very strong

What I thought of it…

The happy
Although the packaging initially put me off, it really all makes sense. This is a super vibrator, you will certainly smile, the porn princess is there to indicate that if you’ve never talked dirty before, you will undoubtedly be inspired to do so now and, all in all, one experiences a fair amount of passion without a care. And lust also. As I write this, my purple play peen lies in front of me making me reconsider going into work today.

I LOVE the vibe settings and the simplicity of its design – the curve is perfect, the grip solid, the controls intuitive and easy to manipulate. It’s made of that fabulous velvety silicone I love and is firm with some flexibility (although not too much, the motors don’t really give much room for this).

Because the vibe is really strong, it’s great for external and clit stimulation, so it makes a good all-rounder.  

The not happy
The packaging is tacky and there are no ‘little extras’ – no pretty bags, no lovely booklets. Also, it’s battery-charged, and that’s a bit lame for this level of vibe (no batteries = no happy). The battery compartment is a bit tricky to get to, and the hard plastic clip to open it doesn’t do your nails any favours. And, because it’s battery operated and the motors so hectic, the Gipsy is pretty loud compared to other vibes.

It would be cool for this honey to be 100% waterproof (some reviews place it as waterproof, but I’m not convinced) and maybe a little more girth wouldn’t be amiss.

But actually, these points are all cursory. What it lacks in the finer touches it makes up for in pure fuckability. It’s the quick ‘n’ dirty as opposed to slow ‘n’ sweet.

Should you run out and buy it now?  
If you’re looking for a penetrative vibe and can handle a lot of length and intense vibrations, this is the toy for you. It’s incredibly satisfying, great for rough or gentle rides and is really good value for money. Because the head section itself can pulse, and even seems to oscillate gently on some settings, you can really play with a cervix orgasm – just watch if you’re wearing a new IUD though, the string can clip the silicone, so maybe use a condom if this is a problem.

1. Internal vibrator
2. Silicone
3. Battery operated – 3 x AAA
4. Length: 23 cm, Girth: 3.5 cm to 4.5 cm
5. About R650, depending on where you buy it

All toys and lube are supplied by Whet Sensuality emporium.
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