First impressions

I’ve done a few rabbits in my time (how wrong does that sound out of context, right?) and am always curious to see how each manufacturer tries to put their own unique twist to their offering.

London-based Je Joue has delivered some great award-winning products in their short career, having launched only in 2008. After loving the Mimi and Ami, their Kegel exercise range, I had high expectations for the subtly designed Fifi.

What it is

Because it offers both a penetrative shaft and a clitoral stimulator (the bunny ears), the Je Joue’s Fifi falls under the non-rotating rabbit-style sex toy range.

Fifi sports three motors – one in the shaft and one in each ear – and these play out across five levels of intensity with seven patterns. The body has a light curve for G-spot stimulation.

It’s made from 100% body-safe silicon and is completely seamless, which means it’s super easy to clean and there are no little crevices for nasties to hide. It’s also waterproof and rechargeable.

How you use it

I prefer to keep my rabbits for solo play because there’s just so much going on already. While you can use the toy any which way you like really, you slip the shaft into your vagina, while the two bunny ears stimulate your clit and labia.

The controls also double cleverly as the charger hotfoot and are found on the base of the shaft. Two controls, a ‘+’ and a ‘–‘ flank an nondescript button with an ‘s’. The ‘+’ and ‘–‘ control the speed and the ‘s’ controls the patterns.

The thing with rabbits…

Rabbit-style sex toys are incredibly difficult to get right. The design premise – that your G-spot and clit are stimulated at the same time – is based on the faulty assumption that every woman’s G-spot and clit are equal in distance and every woman’s vaginal/pelvic tilt the same.

Rabbits that are more flexible to accommodate this tilt and knobbly and bumpy over a wider area mean you can adjust and play with it to suit your own body shape and tend to be more successful for this reason.

Fifi is not one of these. However...

What I liked about the Je Joue

I have never simply laid back and let the toy do everything and still reach orgasm. This was possible for three reasons.

While Fifi is very hard and inflexible it ‘slots’ in very, very well. So while there’s not much give in the material to manoeuvre, there’s not much need to.

Second, while I don’t think my G-spot area got much one-on-one stim, the lengthy shaft ending in a lovely bulb said hello to my cervix and tickled that yummy spot just fine.

And third, the sweet spot lies in the third setting that bounces the vibe between the ears. Although it’s a nifty party trick that Fifi has a motor in each ear, it means that the ears are rather big and lumpy and don’t target the clit head very effectively.

But what they do do is rest right on the labia and sort of push and buzz against the internal clitoral legs that way. I used my hands to alternate the pressure of the toy on my clit as I needed it.

For someone who needs very direct clitoral contact to get off, this isn’t going to do it. But if you’re like me and your labia are very sensitive this is going to blow your mind.

Apart from that I quite liked the vibe patterns and since Je Joue is so slick and wonderfully packaged, I didn’t expect anything less than the absolute top-notch presentation.

What I didn’t like about

Fifi is hard and completely inflexible, apart from the ears that have a little bit of give. Some prefer such firm toys for its bangibility, but I think it prevents it from being a great rabbit.

Other issues are are the fact that Je Joue could have done way better with the buzz. Although it has a nice, low rumble to it (easier to be discreet, my dear) it feels a little unhinged and rattly and same-same.

If you want full-on clit action, the big, too-far-apart ears are going to feel lumpy and disappointing in not being able to hit the mark. And you can’t choose between shaft or bunny-ear buzz – once it’s on it’s all on.

I found the buttons hard to press (like the MiMi) and tiresome to change during play.

Should you run out and buy it?

I’d check out these other rabbits before making a decision: The Silver Swan, Jessica Rabbit and Smile’s The Fancy.
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