First impressions

I’m not going to lie. When I received the Silver Swan in the mail awhile back I just sorta stashed it in the back of my goodie drawer and promised myself to get back to it when I had time and after I’d played with more quirky toys like the Yooo and anal toys.

But, as I write this after a very happy solo play, I realise I may have done myself a bit of a disservice waiting so long.  

What it is

The Silver Swan is a rabbit-type vibe, in that it provides both a penetrative shaft and a clitoral stimulator – both of which operate with independent motors.

That means, one motor for the shaft and one motor for the clit stim, each with their own controls. Waterproof and phthalate-free the Silver Swan is made from 100% body-safe silicone and is super easy to clean.

How you use it

You insert the inner arm while the outer arm rests between your labia and over your clit. Choose your vibe setting for each arm with the two raised controls and off you go.

Each arm has a generously curved bump making it easier to reach your g-spot area internally and providing effortless pressure on your clit.

The controls are beautifully unfussy and easy to manipulate during play. Choose your vibe setting by holding down on the button and releasing it when you’ve reached your desired buzz and switch it off with a quick click.

There’s no vibe pattern, however, and your only choice for the motors is faster or slower.

The Silver Swan also has a travel lock which you activate by holding both buttons down until the little lights go off.

What I liked about it

Sleek and feminine without being pretentious or porno, Swan designs are generally very pretty.

But most of all, they’re incredibly body smart and friendly.The curves on the Silver Swan are perfect and the space between the two arms neither too wide nor too narrow.

The toy is also flexible enough to accommodate any stretching that needs to happen to reach yummy spots or apply extra pressure.

The Silver Swan is so well curved in all the right places that handling the toy and using the controls during play is intuitive and doesn’t once become a distraction.

I loved the separate motors and chose a low rumble for the shaft and a faster, more powerful setting for my clit.  

All the extra issues I usually find manufacturers stumbling with, Swan handles with as much understated aplomb as it does with everything else.

Great box packaging, rechargeable (with a little light that indicates when it’s charged and loaded) and offering a one-year limited warranty and a 10-year limited guarantee, means your premium toy gets to give you premium, environmentally friendly pleasure for years.

What I didn’t like about

The only thing I don’t like about Swan products is the ‘satin’ bag that comes with the toy. Which is hardly a grumble worth noting, but I felt I should say something at least.

Should you run out and buy it?

That depends. I’ve reviewed other rabbit and rabbit-type toys before, including the Jessica Rabbit and Smile’s The Fancy, and ultimately your choice will depend on what kind of functionality you’re looking for (more steam-punk bits and baubles, go Jessica Rabbit; more penetration-focused, less clit action, go The Fancy).

But I must say that in terms of quality it is an, all-round stimulation, value for money and longevity, you’ll not go wrong with the Silver Swan.

*Sex Toys Supplied by The Bedroom.

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