The best thing about being on holiday is that you can have sex whenever you want to, wherever you want to.

No more crawling into bed after a long day at the office or saving sex for Friday nights. At last you have some time on your hands... And everybody knows there's something kinky about doing the nasty in a strange bed.

Get wet
He stands in the pool with his feet planted firmly and you sit on his hips with your legs wrapped around him. Or, lie back and let the water suspend your torso. The feeling of weightlessness is intensely erotic and the angle is good for g-spot stimulation. If you want more control you can hold onto the edge of the pool, but we advise you to just lay back and relax...

Also try:
This position in the ocean. There's something wildly sexy about being naked in the sea. Just don't go in too deep – it will be a very embarrassing way to drown.

You'll need to use lube because water washes away your body's natural juices.

Sex on the beach
Head out to the dunes with a bottle of champers and get busy. Not only will the added thrill of possible discovery boost the erotica value but having sex on the beach will make you feel like a teenager again.

Take a blanket! Getting sand in your vajayjay is not pleasant. Or do it doggy-style – it'll keep your private bits safe from sand.

Drive her WILD!
Of course you can have sex in the car, but why not try it on the car? Lie on your back on the bonnet and spread your legs. It's wanton and naughty and totally illegal so choose a quiet back road so you don't get your ass thrown in jail.

Avoid the bonnet if your car was parked in the sun all day. The metal gets really hot!

Do you have any other sexy holiday ideas? Tell us in the box below.