How to do it:

You lie back on a large exercise ball (or similar) with your legs spread wide apart and your feet firmly on the ground. With your head facing the ceiling and your hands on the floor for support, he kneels or stands in front of you, between your open legs. 

Holding your hips or the perimeter of the ball, he enters you and thrusts.

Why it’s amazing:

Trying to keep your balance on a ball forces you to angle your pelvis upward which elongates the area, so he will be able to thrust with deep, deep penetration.

Also try this:

• Be more adventurous and have him lie over you, with his palms on the the floor in an almost push-up position. This takes some concentration on his part because if he thrusts too hard, the ball may roll out from underneath you. *Maybe the ‘thrill’ is what works for you!

• Push the ball against a wall or any firm surface for support. Instead of lying on your back, sit on the ball, with your legs stretched on either side of it. Standing between your legs, he enters you and as soon as you’re both comfortable, grab one another’s hands and replace the thrusting with a rocking motion.

Had sex on or with a ball before? What was it like? Share your tips, experiences and suggestions with other readers in the box below.