As promised, this week I’m giving you the follow up for last week’s position, the Cocoon. Which, you should really try… if you haven’t yet.

How to do it:

He kneels on both knees and squats down on his heels. You climb astride and kiss and caress. (Very much like the Cocoon so far)

When he is ready, he raises his right knee and puts his right foot flat on the ground for strength and balance. At the same time he lifts you with his right arm around your waist (you support your weight with your feet) and he enters you.

Now you lift your right leg over his left arm and your left leg over his right arm. Lean back and clasp your arms around his neck. He supports your weight against his leg – the one that is still kneeling, and his arms of course.

You’ll now be hanging onto him like a monkey.

Be careful:

If you’re heavy or if he’s not in great shape. Your weight can hurt his back.

Watch this space for next week’s development: The Wheel. It’s gonna be scary. 

Does this sound like something you'd do? Or do you think it's too complicated?