Okay guys, focus. I had to think about this one for a while, but it's actually pretty easy. It’s from the Kama Sutra and it’s called Cocoon. Like that 80s movie about the old people who jump into a private swimming pool where aliens have stored their pods and which then rejuvenates them. Ha ha. Made you think of geriatric aliens.

Anyway, this is how you do it…

Step 1:
He kneels on the bed on both knees and sits back comfortably on his heels. You sit astride his lap with your feet on the bed behind him. You kiss and caress.

Step 2:
He embraces you closely, locking his arms around your back. You lift your feet off the bed and lean back into his arms, raising your legs as high as you can to enable penetration.

Step 3:
And now he rocks you gently back and forth.

This position is cool because it works with counterweight and you can be big and he can be small or he can be big and you can be small or you can both be of equal stature and it will still work. And if your legs get tired? Well, then you go into the Butterfly Position. Get it? Cocoon… Butterfly! Ta da!

How does the Butterfly work? Well, I’ll tell you next week…