How to do it:

He sits on a rug with his back straight and his legs resting out in front of him. You sit sideways between his legs with your legs and feet together and flung over his right hip.

You lean back, supporting yourself with your hand behind your back. Curl your right leg tightly around his waist. Then slowly (and if you can, gracefully *snigger*) lift your left foot with your left hand and straighten your leg, pointing your toes over his shoulder. Like a dancer. Or an idiot - depending on your skills. He leans back to make room for you to swing your leg over (how far he leans depends on how supple you are). Now you are fully open and the Kama Sutra describes this provocative move as a mystical experience. (The position certainly isn't because you are fully spread at this stage.)

When you are ready, let go of your foot so that your leg rests against his shoulder and lean back on your hands. He lifts and penetrates you. Movement is minimal but penetration is deep and intimate.

Have you tried this one? Do you think you'd like to?