I’ve realised that I might have been a bit unfair towards all you really sporty, bendy types. Just because I think a lot of the Kama Sutra positions are a bit silly, doesn’t mean they won’t work for you. Because, goodness knows, in the year I’ve been doing this, a lot of unexpected positions have worked out well, hasn’t it?

So if you can orgasm at the drop of a hat, or if you’ve been faithfully doing the Bridge every morning as part of your yoga routine, why don’t you try the Crab?
How it works:

She bends backwards to stand on her hands and feet with your tummy pointed to the ceiling. This is called the bridge in Yoga – click here for pic or a krapstand in Afrikaans. He kneels between her legs and enters while supporting her lower back and buttocks. 

Why it’s cool:

• This position makes your butt look positively tiny!

• Because you’re straining to lift your hips, your vaginal wall should be pleasantly tight.

• Your head points to the floor and the rush of blood will make you giddy.

• If you’re unused to the position, like I am, you’ll find yourself panting which is often an aid towards orgasm.

• You can pat yourself on the back for being all sporty and adventurous.

Why it’s not so cool:

• It’s a weird position to climax in. Plus, your partner will be supporting your back so he won’t have his hands free.

• It’s tough on the arms. 

• You might fall on your head (if you’re a regular reader of my sex positions you’ll note this specific warning appears quite often. That’s because I bump my head quite a lot during sex.)

• If you suddenly collapse you can seriously damage your pink bits. I’m talking penile ruptures and vaginal tearing. Ouch.

Will you try this fun, slightly bizarre, possibly dangerous position? Let us know…