Small penises are a fact of life, people. It happens in the best of families and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. And although most women prefer a fair size, a below average penis size can be managed. So if you happen fall in love with the owner of a small member do not despair. All is not lost.

I don’t believe in penile enlargements – I’ve heard too many horror stories and I fear men are too easily manipulated into doing stupid things when it comes to their junk.

But a few Kegel exercises never hurt anyone. So girls and guys – do the pelvic squeeeeeeze. A strong pelvic floor makes for tighter penetration better control, more powerful orgasms, and good wood.

I’ve rounded up some of the most beneficial sex positions for the smaller penis. Here they are:

Rear entry positions that will have you gasping for more:
Leaping leopard
The Tortoise

Guy on top positions that make the best of all bits:
The lady’s squeeze
Missionary madness

Girl-on-top where he won't slip out:
The Cocoon

And finally, guys: never underestimate oral sex. Learn how to do it well, and she will eat out of your hand...

Is your man on the small side? What do you do to compensate? Share the love, girls.