Get what you want in bed
Turn your good girl bad: Here's a sneaky strategy to propose acting out your wildest notion: portray your fantasy as a dream. So, if you'd like to make love on Signal Hill but you're nervous about suggesting it, phrase the whole scenario as a dream: “Honey, I had the wildest dream last night...” Dreams are blameless, subconscious thoughts that sneak into our sleep. If she's turned off, simply dismiss the dream. If she wants to hear more, book two tickets to Cape Town, pronto.

Sweeten your semen
If your partner objects to giving you oral sex because, well, it just plain tastes bad, an apple a day might help. High in natural sugars, fruit reportedly blesses men with sweeter seminal fluid.

Create a fantasy box
Take an empty tissue box and make it your ‘fantasy box'. Write five secret sexual desires on individual slips of paper, have your partner do the same, then deposit them in the box. (Hold off on the ménage à trois for a while.) Take turns drawing one when you make love.

Play BattleStrip
It's Saturday night. You're home with nothing but old board games and two warm bodies. That's all you need to score.

# Monopoly: Make up your own Community Chest and Chance cards.
# Twister: You've already thrown down the plastic tarp. Now make it slippery.
# BattleStrip: Draw your clothes, and hers, on two grids. You say E5, she loses her bra. She says F7, you unleash the torpedo.

Try these two positions
The Cowgirl
Lean back with your shoulders against the foot of the bed and your feet on the floor, supporting the bulk of your weight. She straddles your midsection and uses her legs to thrust. Not only does she control the angle, speed, depth and rhythm of the thrusts, she also has complete freedom of movement. One caution: some women get weak in the knees during orgasm, so brace yourself for a little extra weight once she peaks.

The Mindblower
Have her lie on her back across the bed, with her head and shoulders dangling over the edge. (Make sure she keeps as much of her lower back on the mattress as possible. Stop if she gets too light-headed.) Enter her slowly, and show some restraint when thrusting - you don't want to knock her onto the floor. This head rush, combined with physical pleasure, can heighten orgasm for some women.

Ladies... Can you add to these tips? What kinky tactics works to get you in the mood?