With the insight of sex guru, Kaveida Rei, and her promising guide Tantric Sex The Path to Sexual Bliss, we plan to help you reach new heights of pleasure and intimacy.

Worshipping the wand of light... for him
When used properly, the mouth, lips, and tongue can give tremendous sexual pleasure.

•  Sitting opposite one another, chant the sound 'Ah' together for 5 minutes, then laugh, exaggerating the sounds as your throat relaxes. (It makes sense, doesn't it?)
•  Hum the sound 'Om' together and experience your body vibrating with vitality and fresh oxygen. Do this for another 5 minutes.
•  Put a blindfold on yourself, and ask your partner to lie back and get comfy. Explore his body using your tongue.
•  When you reach his manhood (in tantra, we call it the lingam), perceive it as a wand of light, containing healing power and energy. Gently kiss, and notice his response.
•  Run your tongue up and down his shaft, and over the head, while cradling his testicles in one hand.
•  Take his lingam into your mouth and enjoy the rising and falling of his energy, and the expansion and contraction of his lingam. Pleasure him.
•  Imagine that he is penetrating you. Let him surf the waves of pleasure, but don't take him to orgasm.
•  Sit up and remove your blindfold. Using your hand, stroke small clockwise circle around the top of his lingam head. Your partner should squeeze his body, then relax and let the sexual energy spread throughout his body.

Kissing the yoni... for her
For most women, achieving orgasm is limited to clitoral play. And in tantra, it's no different.

•  Allow your partner to make herself comfy, while opening her legs, revealing the entrance to her vagina (in tantra, we call it the yoni)
•  While kissing her thighs and lower abdomen, imagine her vulva as the gates to utopia.
•  As you bring your mouth to her sacred place, take note of the electricity between your tongue and the lips of her yoni.
•  Caress between the folds of her labia, exploring as if it is your first time.
•  Flick your tongue (lightly) across her clitoris until she reaches full arousal. Remember to listen to her sounds, it will guide you to the pressure and pace that she craves.
•  Zone in to the movement at the tip of your tongue, tuning in to the thousands of nerve endings that make up her clitoris. In a circular motion, increase your pace as she surfs the waves of pleasure.
•  Place a hand on her chest, and as soon as she reaches climax, turn the pace and pressure of your tongue right down. Rest your head on her abdomen, and breathe together in ecstasy.

Sex position
If you're both still in the mood, then move into lovemaking using one, or some, of our Top Ten Sex Positions which you can get here.

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