Okay, now that you have a slight understanding of the meaning, rituals and origin of Tantra (thanks again, India!), it's time we take you and your partner to the next pleasure level that is, massage.

With the bold insight from Kavida Rei's Tantric Sex The Path to Sexual Bliss which you can buy here, we hope to give you an even greater appreciation of the ancient practice.

So here goes...

Connecting through ritual
Last week, we mentioned how tantric rituals help focus your mind, taking you into a deeper, more spiritual space and connection. We even gave you an easy one to try. And hey, if it brought on fits of laughter, that's a good thing.

Remember that tantric time is playtime: a chance to awaken your senses and explore the wonders of being both human and spiritual. So let go and try a different ritual this week:

  • Sit opposite each other, on your knees, resting back on your heels.

  • Bring your hands together into a prayer position, and stare softly into each other's eyes.

  • Raise your arms to the sky (it's okay to laugh) And bow.

  • Raise yourselves up and bring your hands back together into a prayer position.

  • Look at one another and say "Namaste" which means 'the divine in me recognises the divine in you'.

    The erotic massage
    Tantra encourages you and your partner to explore each other in new ways, using taste, scent, and sensual touch. So, unless your partner has a medical condition which prohibits sensual massage, try this:

  • Massage your partner on a firm bed (the floor is also fine), layering it in towels in case you get a bit, er, messy.

  • Make sure that your hands are clean and that your nails are trimmed, and take off all unnecessary jewellery.

  • Use an oil that won't cause an irritation. And if you're planning to give a genital massage, then please, use a lubricant.

  • Warm the oil on your hands by rubbing them together. It feels more sensual when your hands glide over your partner's body smoothly.

  • Be confident, if you're scared of injuring your fingers, then use your palms instead.

  • Think about each move and establish a comfortable rhythm. You don't have to be a pro, just do it with love and consciousness.

  • Be creative. There are no right and wrongs in massage, as long as you remain aware of what you're doing.

    Sex position
    Once you've both been massaged, finish your session with a tantalising sex position, which you can get here, here, or here.

    Are you good at sensual massage? Share your tips and suggestions on making it as erotic as ever.