We KNOW you want more interesting sex, but in our Female Nation Survey earlier this year, you told us you were too embarrassed to ask for it.

Well, we can bypass that.

There are a few weeks 'til Christmas, and until then, we're going to let you in on a new and mindblowingly lovely way to shag. Our gift to you. (Although – you are going to have to go and get your own condoms. Shy? Oh please. Repeat after me. Public loo condom dispenser.)

Read it, then forward it on to your lover by clicking on the SEND link below (you don't have to say a thing, we've said it for you) and... wait for the fireworks.

What? Oh, don't mention it. It's our pleasure.

Fab Shag 1: Rope-a-Dope
For: Clitoral stimulation
Tool: Tongue

This is named after Muhammad Ali's strategy for toppling George Foreman. Ali stood there for seven rounds before springing to life and sending the tired Foreman to the mat. When it comes to cunnilingus, be like Ali:

  • Conserve your energy, letting her do most of the work as she presses and grinds on your tongue. Start with slow, rhythmic tongue strokes. Try a long, easy ice-cream lick from bottom to top that covers the full span of her inner labia and ends with her clitoral head. No matter how worked up she becomes, keep it slow and easy, and consistent. Tease her into delirium, then...
  • Hit her with a series of fast vertical and diagonal tongue strokes on her clitoris. Then...
  • Return to slow, easy strokes.
  • Repeat until she's out cold.

    Why it works This method eases her gently into clitoral stimulation. The clitoris is extremely sensitive at the outset. You'll start her blood flowing while offering the consistent stimulation she needs. The bursts of vigour add surprise, spike her sexual response and keep her moving towards orgasm.

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