The fab shag is back.

We hope that our first instalment in our festive shag guide had you begging for more! And just when you thought it was safe to leave the bedroom, we're back with instalment two.

You know the drill, read it, then forward it on to your lover by clicking on the SEND link below (you don't have to say a thing, we've said it for you) and... wait for the fireworks... again!

Top tip though: This is you in charge. Remember to be firm with both your fun and your safety. No glove, no love... people! Let there be condoms aplenty!

Fab Shag 2: Heart of Palm
For: Clitoral stimulation, with optional G-spot stimulation
Tools: Your hands

Women never forget a nice pair of hands. Make yours memorable.

  • Rest on your side. You have all night.
  • Place your hand over her vulva, pressing on her pubic mound with the base of your palm. Let your fingers drape against her entire vulva.
  • Let her push against your palm and use your index and middle fingers to make rhythmic come-hither gestures along her vaginal entrance.
  • Lightly stimulate her clitoral head with your fingertips. Gently pinch her labia.
  • For variety, insert two fingers, pressing them up against the front wall of her vagina, simultaneously stimulating her clitoris and G-spot.

    Why it works:
    This stimulates her entire vulva, the location of nerve endings that are often ignored. While she's pushing her clitoris into your palm, you're free to do some fancy fingerwork.

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