Part one had you smiling, part two left you begging for more - who knows what part three will do?!

If you've been following our festive shag guide for the past few weeks, you'll know that festive sex has never been this good. And we're not going to stop giving you what you want.

Yes, it's time for part three. And yes, we've finally let the penis come out and play.

You know what to do by now. Read it, then forward it on to your lover by clicking on the SEND link below (you don't have to say a thing, we've said it for you).

Do, do enjoy yourself. We know we will.

Fab Shag 3: Head-to-Head
For: Clitoral stimulation
Tool: Penis

Think of your penis as one of many tools in your sexual survival kit – not your only weapon. And remember to use it outside her vagina occasionally.

  • Focus on shallow thrusts. In the missionary position, barely penetrate her vagina. Let your penis rest just inside her.
  • Linger. Loiter. Meander. Press the head of your penis against her clitoral head. Or press the shaft of your penis against her clitoris and gently thrust between the folds of her labia without entering her.
  • When you penetrate deeply, press your pelvic bone against her clitoris and hold the position.

    Why it works: You're hitting hot spots. Many of the nerve endings that contribute to orgasm are on the surface of her vulva and within the first few centimetres of her vaginal entrance. When you penetrate deeply and hold, the sense of closeness combined with the clitoral sensation will overwhelm her.

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