The more often we experience mind blowing orgasms the better we will sleep, the lower our stress levels will be and the greater our chances are for longevity.

When our sexual activity escalates the risk of breast cancer is reduced and the likelihood of having a heart attack or stroke wanes. As we climax our brains use more oxygen, which has the same effect as heavy exercise and we keep sharp and focused.

These are all excellent reasons why we should always aim for that overpoweringly euphoric sensation that consumes our entire being when we’re holistically orgasmic. Mother Nature has made this gift available to all of us and we simply dare not settle for anything less.

This isn’t however something that happens automatically as long as we just turn up and it’s essential that each of us takes full responsibility for ensuring that we get the quality of sexual gratification that we so richly deserve and require.

With so much at stake it’s unfortunate that so many couples simply lapse in to the missionary position and indulge in penetrative vaginal intercourse time after time and maybe, if they’re feeling really daring, they might introduce a little cunnilingus and mutual masturbation, to really mix things up.

Not that these aren’t wonderfully bonding experiences that should form part of our lovemaking, but let’s face it, even with the most dexterous of hands and the most adroit of partners, after a while these practises all become a little bland and vanilla’ish, when what both parties are actually craving is something with chocolate chips, cookie dough and macadamia nuts all swirled together in butterscotch brittle.

At Lady Fay's Boudoir, we encourage couples to live a little and be more adventurous. Expand your repertoires and you will enhance your sexual experiences. A good place to start is with a cordless vibrator. These have been around since the 1960s and come highly recommended by doctors and sex therapists as a healthy way of heightening sexual pleasure, whether you use it on your own or together with a partner.

These nifty little sex toys supply a much more intense stimulation than can be obtained with either intercourse or manual stimulation alone. An excellent first addition to any couple’s bedside cabinet is the discrete LeloLyla 2 vibrating egg.

Because this is so unobtrusive it will allow you and your partner to take things a few steps further and enjoy covert sexual intimacy at arm’s length when you’re out in a crowd or across from each other at a restaurant table.

The man can manipulate the vibration intensities on the wireless controller at a range of 12 metres line of sight and as the control pulses in sync with the egg’s vibrations; he will be able to share in exactly what you’re feeling. Just you two’s little secret!

On the other hand, for close quarter intense, simultaneous exterior and internal stimulation there’s nothing quite as exciting as the stylish and ergonomically shaped Je Joue Mio penis ring massager.

During intercourse, this is simply slipped on to the male for both parties to enjoy a stronger, longer simultaneous orgasm; as the powerful vibration in the ring gives him a harder erection it will send provocative sensations through her.

Always bear in mind that when tedium sets in, our brains switch off and our thoughts wander, which means good orgasms are hard to come by whereas it is widely believed that the more adventurous and diverse the practices are in which men and women engage, the greater their chances are of having powerful orgasms.

In other words variety is the real turn on.

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