Oral sex is that sexual activity that women rate the highest, according to a recent survey. It found that if women had to choose one sexual activity and give up all the rest, they would prefer to do without penetrative intercourse rather than cunnilingus. Are you surprised?

You shouldn’t be. It’s a known fact that 70-80% of women need their clitoris to be tweaked, licked and loved to reach an orgasm, whereas only 30% can climax from the in-out thrusting of penetrative sex.

If your guy hasn’t yet offered you this delightful pleasure, it’s time you convinced him to hop on board the Cunni-train. Cut him a deal. Offer to give him the most lip-smacking oral sex if he pleasures you first. And stress that he needs to keep up the action until you achieve an orgasm – or no deal!

Here are some great positions and techniques for him to get his tongue around:

Standing tall

The woman stands with her legs apart while he kneels at her feet. If he’s been very bad, she can tie his hands behind his back and order her super-stud slave to please her…and punish him with a crack of her whip if he doesn’t.

What the guy does: This is a great position to explore her inner and outer labia with your tongue, and to use the harder tip of your nose to nuzzle her, for a bit of variety in sensation. Start by licking from her perineum (the ridge between her anus and vadge) all the way up over her vulva, urethra and clitoris, to her pubic bone. Vary the sensation – use a flat, relaxed tongue alternating with the hard tip of your tongue. If your hands are free, squeeze and knead her buttocks to add a delicious sensation to the mix.

Then there is the more conventional position, which also works well:

Laid back

She lies back on pillows while he sits between her legs, facing her. The guy can touch and stroke her body all over during the oral action, so that the rest of her doesn’t feel neglected. A good water-based lubricant is a great idea because the wetter things are for her, the better – she definitely doesn’t want vadge burn!

What the guy does: Using your lubed fingers, gently explore her inner and outer labia (lips), tugging at them gently or rubbing them tenderly between your fingers. Try varying the pressure you use, and ask her what feels good.

Or for another twist, try this:

Off the cliff
She lies on the bed with her backside at the edge, her legs apart and dangling over the side. He kneels on the floor between her legs. She can prop a pillow or two under her head so she can watch the action.

What the guy does: To add some clitoral stimulation, rub your lubed-up finger between her inner and outer lips and head up to her clitoris. Move around the clit in gentle circles without actually touching the little nub until it is highly aroused (peeking out of the hood). Head back down to her labia, finger them some more, then move up to the clit again. Continue with this cycle a few times before focusing all your attention on her clit.

Adding some fantasy role-playing always ups the sexual ante nicely:

At the office
She sits on an office-type swivel chair, fully clothed, and he kneels between her legs on the floor under her desk. She ‘works’ while being pleasured in secret.

What the guy does: While she’s busy, you can get busy with your tongue and fingers, and pay more attention to her vadge. Try slowly inserting a finger or two inside her while licking her clit. Give her a short while to get used to the double stimuli, then slowly move your fingers in and out, or rub the front wall of her vadge (if you’re lucky you might hit the jackpot – her G-spot).

The muff-diving position that’s a fantasy favourite for many guys is this one:

Face sitting
He lies on his back, she straddles his face. In this position she gets to control the intensity of the stimulation as she can pull back or move closer. This one’s great because if he’s as exciting as a visit to Home Affairs, she can reach for the TV remote and watch 7de Laan. It also gives him access to the naughtiest erogenous zone – her anus.

What the guy does: Lick some circles around her clitoris, then lap up and down, and also lap side to side. Lick slowly and gently, then fast and firm. While playing with her clit with your tongue, use a finger to trace the rim of her anus. Move along to the perineum and massage this gently. Triple her pleasure by gently inserting a couple of fingers on your other hand into her vadge, while focusing on her clit. Keep licking her as women need ongoing stimulation to get to the big oh-Oh-OH! And of course, if you really move her, she’ll definitely want to thank you by returning the favour.  
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