The Butterfly
Although movement is limited in this position it is more than made up for by the strong genital pressure. 

The Bouncing Bunny
This one was inspired by chocolate, long weekends and gym balls. Have fun!

The lady’s squeeze
Need some more finesse in the bedroom? Why don’t you try this dainty, lady-like position? 

Sideways Scissoring
Try this position if you're looking for a sweet, romantic experience. 

Sex positions for small penises
Is your partner a bit on the wee side? Never fear – we round up positions that works well with the modest penis.

Sitting pretty
Turn your back on him… but in a good way.

The open flower
The Kama Sutra calls this The Canopy of Stars. And there’s a good chance you might see some. 

The sloth
Despite what the name implies, this position takes quite a bit of work!

The tail of the ostrich
This is not the best position to move in, but it might fulfill a few of his fantasies!

The Bouncy Ball
This World Cup-inspired position not only offers extra bounce, but you’re also guaranteed a thorough workout!

What's your favourite sex position? Are there any you'd like to suggest? Tell us in the box below..