Sex position: Bouncing Bontebok
It's somewhat silly, very vigorous and proudly South African. Have fun with the Bouncing Bontebok tonight…

Position of the week: Leaping leopard
Crouch down low, stretch out that torso, lift your haunches and POUNCE! This position will make you go grrr.

Sex position: The frog
This girl-on-top position will have you jumping for joy.

Sex position: The Butterfly
Although movement is limited in this position it is more than made up for by the strong genital pressure. Hmm…

Sex position: The sloth
Despite what the name implies, this crazy positiontakes quite a bit of work…

Sex position: Reverse Cowgirl
Move on over Calamity Jane! This move will make you the most wanted girl in the West (and all the other directions of the compass...)

Sex position: The open flower
The Kama Sutra calls this The Canopy of Stars. And there’s a good chance you might see some…

Sex position: Ballerina pose
It’s graceful, it’s elegant, it’s everything but delicate… And you’ll get an awesome stretch out of it.

Sex position: Doorway sex
It’s fast, furious and kinky. The perfect quicky…

Sex position: The Split Peach
This girl-on-top position is visually racy and excellent for a good stretch.