Ignore what you’ve heard and thought and surmised. Contrary to popular belief, women on the Pill are NOT having more sex. Surprised? So am I.

New findings from an Indiana University study, in fact, suggest the total opposite.

And the reasons why women who take the Pill are less likely to be getting nooky is rooted to quite a few libido-related dilemmas...

Like the fact that the hormonal contraceptive:

•    Affects lubrication
•    Hampers arousal, and
•    Interferes with a women’s ability to orgasm.

So should these downfalls deter anyone from taking a contraceptive?

No, says Nicole Smith, project coordinator at IU’s Center for Sexual Health Promotion.

“Rather, women experiencing birth control's negative effects should consider adding lube or sex toys, or, you know, watch more vintage porn or something,”

And that’s it... all will be sorted?  I’m a skeptic.

Do you believe that hormonal contraceptives influence and/or affect sexual enjoyment?