Realising the shocking reality that children are tragically being abducted and that the rate of missing children in South Africa increases annually, Cartrack has pledged its support to the Missing Children South Africa (MCSA) organisation. The facts based on cases reported to MCSA are that one child goes missing every five hours. “While the law enforcement officers in our country do a good job in order to help find reported missing children, organisations such as MCSA provide support to those families that have been affected by the ordeal of missing children. They play a vital role in creating awareness about those that have been reported missing, as well as, educating people about how to report a missing child and how to keep your little ones safe,” says Jacqui Marsh, Cartrack Marketing and Communications Manager. “The more people that are aware about what to do when children go missing, as well as be able to recognise a missing child from the images seeded by MCSA and its supporters increases the likelihood that they may be found. It is the responsibility of everyone in our society to shape the environment in which they want their children to thrive, hence our support of this cause,” adds Jacqui. Even though MCSA has proven to be a successful organisation with a 73% success rate of finding missing children, they do need all the assistance they can get. “By sharing the missing children’s profiles on Facebook, it increases the chances of these missing children to be found. It is instrumental in helping add momentum to the work done by MCSA and we are thankful to all those who take active steps in making South Africa a safer place for its future – its children. We will continue to support MCSA through various means including online media which has a real-time rapid response,” concludes Jacqui. You can make a difference by following Missing Children's Facebook page and sharing the profiles of children that have been reported missing. Below please find some information that you need to have with you should you be in the unfortunate position of reporting a missing child, also remember that you do not have to wait 24 hours to report a missing person. • The full name of the child, • A description of the child, • The eye colour of the child, • The child’s hair colour and hair style, • The height of the child, • The weight of the child, • Information about distinctive marks on the child such as birthmarks or scars, • Where the child was last seen and what clothing the child was last seen wearing For further information about the work done my MCSA as well as safety tips for parents and caregivers please visit:

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