You arrive at the beach and the guy you've been eyeing is chilling with his mates, right next to the spot you and your girlfriends decide to sit at. It’s an awkward moment as you undress your flabby arms and legs, both in much need of a suntan, as he looks up and says "hello".   

Sound familiar? There is no reason to cringe every time you role-play this over in your head.

Arm yourself with these 5 essential “Bodylicious” tips every girl should know this summer:  

1.    Put forth the perfect pout.

Your lips are the doors to your heart and the skin on your lips is thin and tender and can easily dry out.

Lips have no oil or sweat glands and are regularly exposed to irritants. Keep them well hydrated and protected with a lip balm stick packed with Vitamin C, E, Pro Vitamin B5 and SPF.   

2.    Beauty is skin deep.

Your skin is constantly exposed to the sun so protect it from wrinkles, age spots, cancer and other skin problems. Use sunscreen with a high factor, wear protective clothing, seek shade, don’t smoke, drink plenty of water, follow a healthy diet, don’t stress, moisturise and get lots of sleep.

3.    Lose the excess baggage

The only extra weight you must take on holiday should be the super cute outfits you plan to wear on a night out.

Lose the kilograms by getting regular exercise at the gym or with outdoor fitness programmes for women like Adventure Boot Camp.You’ll need at least 3 days a week of cardio and weight training to streamline your booty.
4.    You are what you eat

What you eat reflects who you want to be. What identity are you trying to reinforce with the food you eat? Make a positive change in your life by first looking at the choices you make every time you go to the grocery store. This can be the start of reinforcing a healthier you. Ditch the junk and choose a balanced, healthy and wholesome diet.

5.    It’s all in the mind

Mirror, Mirror on the wall who’s the fairest of us all? Don’t be deceived by what other people tell you or what number you see on the scale. Successful weight loss starts with your mind.

What you think about yourself can make the difference between reaching your goals and quitting before you even get started.

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