1)    Get lost: It’s summer and there’s no reason why you should be stuck indoors. Scrap the treadmill or as I like to call it, ‘the dreadmill’ and get lost in a nearby forest. Do some research on local hiking trails and grab a group of friends. Few things are better and more cleansing than exercising in untouched nature.

2)    Dance yourself sexy:  Get your girls together and try something totally out of your comfort zone, like pole dancing. Pole dancing is a new trend in the exercise market and it’s fun for all women, big or small. It’s great for your body and it will leave you feeling super sexy.

3)    Get your 80s on: Think big hair, think leg warmers, think Madonna and last but not least think Roller-skating.  Roller-skating is both fun and effective for weight-loss and it doesn’t require a gym membership. So, get out your old skates and own the promenade on a sunny day. Why not have some fun and dress the part too. If Roller-skating is not for you, try retro-aerobics, you’ll have just as much fun without the slipping, sliding, bruises and public embarrassment.

4)    Kick ass:  Nobody expects you to morph into one of Charlie’s angels over night but why not try a martial art? Most people are unaware of how beneficial taking part in a martial art can be. Besides teaching you skills, discipline and self-defense it is also tones your muscles, improves your reflexes and is great for weight-loss.  So, Sign up for a kick boxing, aikido or Jiu Jitsu class today. If you’re looking for something different, try “Tricking”. Tricking is an extreme sport that involves techniques originating from gymnastic, b-boying and other martial arts. Sounds cool, huh?

5)    Get wet:  strip down and get wet. Swimming is one of the best ways to get some exercise while staying cool and going easy on your body. It’s tones muscles, increases flexibility and burns calarories all while you have some fun in the sun.