In the ‘90’s the skinny “Kate Moss” look was in. Then, thanks to the likes of Janet Jackson and Madonna, six packs set a new standard for women aspiring to get the “perfect body”.

The Women24 team stumbled across these snaps while browsing the net and while we’re all for being healthy and keeping fit, we struggle to see the sex appeal in most of the pics.

Sure, a healthy, active lifestyle is worth realizing, but the last time we checked, the female figure came in all shapes and, yes, sizes too.

And isn’t there such a thing as working out too much? Apart from straining your body, the fitness addiction could very well impede on your psyche.

Don’t believe us? Read this!

We think these chicks have overdone it – they look like they could do with a workout break and, perhaps, a burger. Or two.

What do you think of the chicks with six packs?